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Not only is AGIHL poised to provide a world class tertiary education and settings to all students and staff, it also believes in providing holistic training.  Students can engage in all kinds of extracurricular activities on campus to complement their academic performance. Our Campus experience creates an environment that intrigues creativity, challenges and sparks an innovation in everybody enabling innovative and creative skill.

Career Guidance and Counseling

Students Handbook

This Unit at the University helps, guides and shapes students’ lifestyle. Its existence is to advise students on the appropriate career paths and encouraged to pursue courses that will ensure their career success base on their programme of study. This enables students to achieve their academic excellence whilst engaging in other extracurricular activities.  The unit also liaises with industries when it comes to industrial attachments for students.

Hostel facilities

In order to ensure comfort to students, especially those who have travelled from afar to the campus, AGIHL has hostel facilities where every student can have access.  There are other privately owned hostels and accommodation facilities also but operated through the colleges’ administration.  So no student pays fees for hostel directly to the private hostel owner but through the college.  All hostel facilities are well equipped with Wi-Fi services for online studies by students and satellite dish television for recreation or relaxation by students.

Tutoring Mode

Students receive personal guidance from tutors assigned to them during the course of their studies.  Together with their tutor, students reflect on their performance and on difficulties they may face in their academic work as well as campus life. The objective of this is to develop a close relationship between individual students and lecturers, so that they will be a source of support, advice and guidance for the students during their period of stay on campus.

Cafeteria Services

AGIHL has a fully automated and mechanized cafeteria which provides students with all kinds of menu from local to continental.  The cafeteria is kept under hygienic conditions in order to enhance a healthy eating life of patrons.  It is equipped with a POS capable of accepting any smart card – VISA Card, etc.

Shuttle Services       

AGIHL provides shuttle services for students residing outside of campus by moving them in and out for lectures or any other activity that requires their presence on campus. Students also have access to transportation whenever they intend to visit a facility outside campus for practical trainings or field work.


Safety of the AGIHL community and their properties as well as the entire campus is paramount.  CCTV cameras have been mounted all over the campus to monitor every activity that takes place on the campus.  Entry to any secured area requires security clearance and approved swipe cards. Security guards are also placed at vantage points of the campus, the hostels and any other places where student activity takes place.  There is a security check post at the entrance and exit points of the campus which ensures that persons going in and out of campus are not going to be harmful to patrons of the University College.


Students of AGIHL University College like any other private university participate in the annual PUSAG games and file up for all the sporting activities including volley ball, football, handball, etc. The University College has a gym where students keep their bodies fit in other to prevent the occurrence of any weakness in the body. The equipment at the gym enables students to exercise every part of their bodies in order to keep fit.

Health Services (Clinic)

The Institute has a medical facility which provides health care services to students. The medical facility has a qualified Doctor who attends to staff and student alike and makes referrals to major medical facilities when necessary.

As a policy, fresh students of AGIHL must undergo a medical check-up after their admission into the University College.  This ensures that students admitted into the Institution are medically fit to pursue their academic work.

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