The two (2) Faculties and the Six (6) Departments started with the Institute on its inception as a Premier Private Training Institution, in 2017 and are all popular among prospective applicants because of the diverse nature of programmes offered to students.

The individual Departments have flexible and industry relevant approach to instruction by incorporating measures that allow students to choose programme paths that suit their future aspirations.All Departments have as their mission and mandate to train professionals in all technical areas in contributing towards the socioeconomic development of Ghana and beyond and be recognized internally as pace-setters in the development of appropriate practical strategies for technology implementation at all levels of industry and the fore-runners of research into issues of technology across the globe.

The shared aims of all the faculties include but not limited to:

  • Quality practical education that will be recognised both locally and internationally
  • Opportunities for students to develop their unique skills set that will enable them to become expert professionals in their career.
  • A conducive and suitable learning atmosphere for interactions between students and recognised subject specialists
  • A suitable teaching environment for lecturers it employs so as to facilitate the state-of-the art 21st century instructional modes for the benefit of all learners.