Recap of the Occupational Health and Safety Seminar


Last week, the Student Representative Council (SRC) orchestrated a captivating seminar delving into the crucial realm of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). The event, hosted by the esteemed  Eng. Dr. Anthony Cann-Tamakloe, not only shed light on vital safety protocols but also empowered attendees with essential knowledge for their future careers.

The seminar, held in the spacious auditorium, drew an engaged crowd of approximately 30 students from various disciplines. It was heartening to witness such a strong turnout, underscoring the collective commitment to ensuring safe work environments.

During our session, we had the privilege of being guided by Eng. Dr. Anthony Cann-Tamakloe, is an experienced professional in the field. He provided us with a thorough understanding of occupational hazards, risk assessment strategies, and regulatory frameworks. His presentation was illuminating and emphasized the significance of prioritizing safety in all workplace settings, ranging from construction sites to corporate offices.

Interactive discussions and real-life case studies peppered the session, enriching our understanding and prompting introspection on how we can actively contribute to fostering safer work cultures.

After the seminar, the participants were given certificates as a gesture of gratitude for their participation. These certificates are not only proof of our dedication to professional growth but also serve as a reminder of the duties we have as future leaders in our respective fields.

Great news for those who missed the first seminar or want to learn more about OHS. We are excited to announce that the second edition of the seminar is scheduled for next semester due to the overwhelming success of the first one. Stay tuned for further details as we continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of our student community.

“In conclusion”, let us carry forward the insights gained from this seminar as we embark on our professional journeys. Together, let us strive to create workplaces where safety is not just a priority but a non-negotiable cornerstone of excellence.

Until next time, stay safe and keep aspiring for greatness!

Warm regards,